Incredible Things Happen When People Get Together.

Interior Today works seamlessly to achieve your vision and make your event a memorable experience; participants and sponsors alike will want to return. Whether you are looking for a single service, help in a few areas, or a complete meeting management package, Interior Today delivers your event with something few others can: confidence and a genuine commitment to sustainability. With over 20 years of experience, our meeting planning team has seen it all from our work on large corporate meetings to small non-profit forums. Our depth of knowledge includes attendee engagement in today’s fast paced world and an advanced understanding of event technology. We explore innovative revenue strategies including hotel commission rebates to offset the cost of our services.

What We Do

Interior Today works with progressive global organizations to integrate leading event sustainability practices and produce conferences and events that deliver targeted business results.

Product Launch

Many companies we deal with have a need to promote new products to clients, buyers, dealer or press. Professionally we elevate your presentation with simple set and staging. With proper light effects, sound, data backup and professional technical advice.


We ensure success of any conferences or seminars by well crafted event planning and implementing. Our ability to get into the minutest of the details enables us to secure & handle every aspect right from hospitality to technical requirements.

Award Night

Having a beautiful backdrop for an award ceremony represents not only the significance of the event but also the respect the organizer has for the attendees, who took time out to attend, and to the award winners for their achievements

Budget Planning

Increase your revenue and improve your bottom line with proven strategies. Did you know that choosing healthy, fresh and local foods can reduce your food & beverage costs? Sustainable event initiatives can lower your budget and increase participant satisfaction.

Food and Beverage

Offering fresh, healthy food for attendees with a variety of food constraints whether allergies, preferences or faith-based is an integral part of the event experience. Our team has a strong background in accomplishing this goal. We maximize the budget and minimize the food waste.


We manage the meeting planning details so you can concentrate on the getting the right people around the table to share your vision, contribute ideas, and build community. Our expert team is behind the scenes setting the stage, organizing volunteers, prepping speakers and checking room sets.


Sustainable event management is woven into every aspect of our planning from site selection to zero waste management. Green meeting initiatives save time, money and reduce risk. Better yet, the attendee experience is enhanced. There is no added cost, it is who we are and what we do.

Sponsor Coordination

The sponsors and exhibitors coordination is paramount to the success of any event. We understand that. We understand the intricacies of working with the venue, general services contractors, unions and freight companies for an impressive show floor.

Site Selection

Researching and selecting a city and meeting venue can be daunting. From international to local destinations, Interior Today work hard to provide the most attractive, budget-friendly, safe, and sustainable options available for you to choose from. We skillfully provide the best possible agreement.