Interior Today Stand Builders Company

Interior Today works seamlessly to achieve your vision and make your event a memorable experience; participants and sponsors alike will want to return. Whether you are looking for a single service, help in a few areas, or a complete stands design management package, Interior Today delivers your stands with something few others can: confidence and a genuine commitment to sustainability.

Interior Today is one of the top exhibition stand contrivers and constructors Worldwide. It has product installations and deals services in Germany, France, Poland, the Netherlands, the UK, Italy, Spain, and Europe. With our bodies spread worldwide, we help our guests make and host custom-erected daises that meet branding conditions as well as make a unique methodology. Interior Today has completed further than 200 stage design, construction, & cell structure systems with high client satisfaction Worldwide. Using our experience as exhibition stand contractors, we’ve expanded our geographical content, developed visionaries, and created ultra-expensive exhibition stand designs over the times.

What We Do

Interior Today works with progressive global organizations to integrate leading event sustainability practices and produce conferences and events that deliver targeted business results.

Linear or Inline Stands

Linear or inline stands are often located on one side of an exposition hall and share one or two adjacent stands. A back wall, counters, graphics, and product displays are common components of these stands. They are intended to maximise available space while also creating an attractive and impactful visual presence.

Branding and Graphics

Exhibition stand designs must have strong branding components. This includes using the company’s logo, colours, taglines, and essential messaging throughout the display. Graphics, signage, and multimedia displays are utilised to successfully communicate brand identity, product information, and marketing messages.

Pop-up or Portable Stands

Pop-up stands are lightweight and simple to construct and disassemble. They are suitable for smaller events or businesses with limited funds or space. Collapsible frames, cloth graphics, banners, and portable display units are common features of pop-up stands.

Peninsula Stands

Peninsula stands are similar to island stands in that they have three sides open and one shared with neighbouring stands. They boost visibility and give chances for visitor interaction. Peninsula exhibits frequently feature conspicuous branding, large-scale displays, multimedia presentations, and interactive aspects.

Modular Shell Rental Design

Modular stands are adjustable and versatile constructions made up of modular components. They are easily customizable and reconfigurable to meet various booth sizes and layouts. Modular stands frequently have modular walls, display panels, shelves, and graphics that can be configured in a variety of ways.

Custom-Built Stands

Custom-made stands are planned and built from the ground up to match the exact needs and brand image of the exhibiting firm. They provide greater design, material, and overall aesthetic freedom. Custom-built stands allow for unique designs, structures, and immersive experiences that are suited to the demands of the exhibiting company.

Island Stands

Island booths are larger booths that are usually positioned in open areas with access from all sides. They provide 360-degree vision and plenty of room for creative design and visitor interaction. Product displays, meeting rooms, interactive features, and multimedia presentations are all common aspects of island stands.

Interactive and Technology Integration

Touch screens, virtual reality (VR) experiences, augmented reality (AR) displays, gamification, and digital presentations are common interactive components seen in exposition exhibits. These technologies improve visitor engagement, give interactive product presentations, and help to create memorable experiences.

Two Storey Booth Design

A two-story booth design is an exhibition stand or booth with two levels or floors. A two-story booth, as opposed to a single-level booth, makes use of vertical space to construct a multi-level structure. Additional display space, functional areas, and visual impact can be provided by the additional floor.