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Trade shows are essential for marketing-oriented companies. Trade shows attract decision-makers, influence purchasing decisions, provide a point of contact for new customers, and make a lasting impression. Think of your trade show as the grand launch of your most valuable new product or design business service. Give potential customers your best look and greet them with your most competent sales staff. Here are tips to help you succeed at your next trade show:

Choose the right trade shows: Attend trade shows that your target market prospects and competitors attend. Check out the trade show catalogues on the website. Get statistics to view attendance and attendee profiles. Talk to past exhibitors about their trade fair experiences at the shows you choose.

Plan Ahead: Determine the space size and dimensions of your trade show booth. Reserve a good spot for your stand early by studying the floor plan. Avoid dead ends, cargo doors, poorly lit corners and distracting pillars. Attendees usually turn right when they first enter a trade show exhibit hall and look up, so make sure your booth is visible with a dramatic overhead sign. Once you’ve recorded your booth number on the trade show management map, be aware of all applicable rules and regulations, such as height restrictions and any obstructions on the exhibit floor, before planning your booth design. Set aside enough time to select, and assemble the exhibition display and take advantage of discounts on the demonstration service. You will be able to avoid costly rush fees and better insure yourself against defects. Set a trade show date as well as a move-in date for your exhibition display.

Set Lead Development Goals: Set trade show goals to strengthen your overall marketing goals. Make sure the goals are reasonable and achievable, share them with your team at the show, and set up systems to measure your results and validate your goals. Accurately qualify and measure your ROI. There are software packages that allow you to pre-identify half a dozen weighted multiple-choice questions that will determine how viable a prospect is. You need to identify buyers, filter out those who aren’t qualified, and measure results. Rank your leads as “A” (highly qualified), “B” (somewhat qualified), or “C” (poorly qualified). Get your sales force to follow up with “A” leads instantly. Measure the results of these leads by stages, from the number and dollar amount of proposals submitted to the money generated from actual sales.

Build a dramatic display: Before deciding what type of trade show booth you need, determine your space requirements and the number of trade shows you will be exhibiting at in the next 12 months. This information will help you decide whether to buy or rent. If you buy, there are three categories of exhibition stands: custom, modular, and portable. Check out the pros and cons of each. Lightweight materials are cheaper to run than traditional all-wood displays. Use stretch fabrics, wood, coloured metal, and layered graphics that use fewer shipping containers, have an up-to-date design trend and save on operating costs. Older traditional display stands may be outdated because they are expensive to handle due to their heavy weight, require larger dimensions and a number of crates to ship, and are not in line with current design trends.

Build traffic with creativity: Start with a dramatic hanging sign that grabs attention. After entering the exhibition hall, the first thing visitors do is look up. Your overhead sign should have a unique design, shape, and movement. Gobo lights moving across the tension fabric can provide changing colours and mesmerising interest. New technologies bring high drama to your booth, such as overhead 3D video and laser image displays, your own interactive big-screen website, robotics, holographic, and water projections. Take advantage of your trade show supplier’s expertise in graphics, portability and cost management.

Hire the Right Booth Staff: While your business’s sales function is usually critical to staffing your trade show booth, you should make sure you have representatives who are a good match for the positions of those who will visit your booth. If engineers visit your booth, connect them with your technical staff. Also, make sure your staff knows how to capture, identify, and qualify attendees as important leads and let go of those who aren’t key business prospects.

Send announcements to attendees before the show: Surveys of trade shows report that three-quarters of trade show attendees plan their trade show visits and seminar attendance in advance. Arrange meetings with clients, prospects, and the press in advance. Contact them months in advance through direct mail, email, and personal phone calls. Give them your booth number and location at the trade show and have an incentive in your booth that will be of value to them. Link your incentive with a direct benefit to the prospect and make it redeemable just by visiting your trade show booth. One example is to split a numbered gift certificate into two parts and send half in advance and have the other half available only at your stand.

Understand Exhibitor Services: You will need additional assistance from Exhibitor Services in the trade show exhibit hall. These are representatives and tradesmen who provide a range of support services that include the installation and removal, of carpets, furniture, lighting, telephones, downspouts and security. If you are aware of the nuances of these services and plan ahead, you can save money and avoid numerous pitfalls.

Cost of Inspection: Consider weight when purchasing a trade show display. You can significantly save on exhibition exhibits by using light materials that reduce the size and number of transport boxes.

Instant Follow-up: The hard work doesn’t stop when the show closes; that’s when you have to diligently follow up on all those leads.

It’s best to respond to your “A” prospects at the highest level immediately after the introduction. After contacting all “A” prospects, move on to level “B” prospects. Make sure you have a well-planned strategy for closing sales with these prospects. Trade show industry research shows that trade show leads are closed in half the time and at nearly half the cost of leads from other sources.

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