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how to make your exhibition a success

It’s like trying to find your own child during the first day of school in a swarm of kids wearing the same uniform, sporting the same haircut and blank (or teary) expressions on their faces. I am talking about trying to stand out during an exhibition. In one small crowded venue where everyone’s singing the same song and handing out similar brochures, it is literally up to your exhibition system and the effectiveness of the crew that you’ve placed at the exhibition arena to make things work.

The role of your exhibition system during an exhibition || Interior Today

In a long line of beauties, only one will be chosen as a winner. Does that tell you anything about how to turn heads during your exhibition? Yes, invest in an exhibition system that screams, shouts, or lifts a sexy thigh at the corner of the street.

Well, not literally but in quite the same way you want people to take notice of your exhibition booth, you’ve got to dress it up to the nines and then let your potential customers, partners and associates REMEMBER that you were there. Handing out free promotional pens, t-shirts, umbrellas, and mouse pads is so common that it doesn’t make the cut anymore.

Tall, wide-screen, screaming, loud exhibition display units can make a world of difference to your success but FIRST, you’ll have to determine a few things. One is the space that you’ve been given. This can be easily done by giving the organizers a call and then liaising with the people who are providing you with your exhibition display systems in advance so that you know exactly what it is that you’re dealing with.

The second thing to consider would be your budget – how much have you got to spend on your exhibition displays or can the current exhibition system that you have been using and what additional tools do you need to make the exhibition count for something.

The people you hire to man your exhibition booth – Interior Today

Let’s think about it for a minute….how many people who man an exhibition booth can you remember? Hardly any, if I am to guess correctly. But if you met one who was friendly with you to no end, guided you attentively through one exhibition display to another, shamelessly make useful suggestions instead of pushing ALL KINDS of products and services your way, would you remember this person? In fact, you’ll probably remember this person’s name in the sea of names that you collect throughout the exhibition. That’s what good exhibition service people do and it is quite essential.

All in all…use the right exhibition display system and combine it with helpful, informative, well-educated and friendly staff, you can take full advantage of your presence there those few days. Otherwise, it would have ended up like a really expensive picnic at the park on a rainy day….a complete waste of time and money.

Why choose Interior Today for the Exhibition stand building?

The Interior Today team is well-versed with the market knowledge that enables us to transmute your vision into reality. And being the leading exhibition stand builder in Europe, we assist you by designing high-class stands as per your brand/business in Coverings 2021 USA.

Other than everything, we ensure to critically analyze your exhibition stand necessities so that our dedicated team works accordingly in order to offer you the exact cost as discussed initially.

Our creative designers design exclusive and business-oriented exhibition stand design and our craftsmen build the most lucrative exhibition stands as per the client’s guidelines.

Above all, our skilful and proficient stand and 3D graphic designers ensure to design brand-centric & industry-oriented exhibition stand design. Whether you require custom exhibition stands, modular display stands, two-story stands, or country pavilion stands, we keep the ability to assist you in accordance with your requirement. Additionally, we keep all the key pointers/briefs in our checklist given by you while working on your project.

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