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The company’s decision to purchase a new trade show is usually based on the various benefits of both custom-designed module designs tailored to the needs of each exhibitor.

Both of these alternatives have their own unique features and advantages and while buying a new show can be challenging, it is worth taking the time to carefully research both alternatives.

The following ideas promise to save you some time, money, and headaches when you decide that they will not be off the shelf or in the tradition of your new trade show. Your options depend largely on your exhibition needs, budget, business philosophy, planned use, and where the exhibition work goes within your company.

First and foremost in determining the type of new trade show you will need to find common ground within your company by getting others involved in decision-making. By creating a simple project implementation meeting you will be able to get ideas and suggestions from sales, marketing, purchasing, and management about their ideas, concerns, and needs.

A brief introduction outlining the differences between custom displays designed and created by the exhibition builder and off-the-shelf module provider will help to set up an effective discussion forum and effective evaluation. It can also be helpful to show pictures of different styles and types of exhibition items and the associated costs in order to further define and reflect the value of all of them.

It is also helpful to create an analysis document that describes what types of exhibition structures have been used in the past and any comments collected over time about the problems, benefits, and reasons why a new exhibition is needed.

Once it is felt that the basic function has been firmly established and you have a general agreement that indeed a new demonstration is needed, the following steps should be taken to begin the process.

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1. Carefully evaluate the number and type of trade fairs where the new exhibition will be designed to be used. If your entire exhibition system uses a booth of the same size throughout the show, say 20’x 20’or or larger, a lot of weight can go to the custom show selection. If your commercial display system combines a combination of cubic content and vertical dock spaces, an off-the-shelf display may work best.

2. If your trade show system is solely owned by the company and the exhibition materials are never shipped to support regional vendors, distributors, and sales representatives, the custom exhibition will be easy to manage, organize and maintain. If your trade shows on the other hand are sent around the world by supportive vendors, distributors, and vendor representatives, a modular non-shelf show will be easier to keep up with the times, transport, setup, demolition, and management.

3. If you have a combination of both types of commercial display, it is possible that the custom display will be used to accommodate both, however, there is a good chance that the modular off-the-shelf will work better simply because of the modular design, flexibility of the display structure and ease of movement.

4. Exhibition services are also a great consideration in deciding what type of exhibition to buy. In most cases, a custom exhibition will need to be set up and dispersed by the union staff under your supervision or a representative from the exhibition builder. Modular displays can usually be set up and dispersed by your people for a fraction of the time and cost.

5. Construction time and cost will also need to be considered as custom shows take longer to build and removal from the shelf module shows are mostly available within days while its images can take a week longer.

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According to Mr. Roger Bergeson, President of Skyline Displays, Oregon, “Here are a few great reasons why our customers like our modular display at their trade shows.”

1. More configurable.
2. It is easy to change signs and pictures.
3. Water and transport costs are minimal.
4. It all costs less to buy, own and use.
5. Skyline Display network of qualified factory dealers who will cater to the exhibition needs in almost every major metropolitan city around the world.

According to Mr. Tim Patterson, VP of Sales and Marketing at Interpretive Exhibits, Inc. custom exhibition builder in Salem, Oregon, “The main reasons our customers will design and build a custom exhibition are:”

1. The advertiser wants to look different from any other show in the exhibition space.
2. A custom-designed exhibition can cleverly combine the unique business/product strategy of an exhibitor with his or her personality.
3. The integrity of the exhibition structure will adhere to the requirements of a major traffic show and product presentation.
4. The ‘look and feel of the show and its supporting functions can change and improve from the show to the appearance as needed.
5. A custom-designed exhibition can provide artistic creativity, and effective product integration while showcasing a powerful and innovative business position.

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Once you feel confident about what you know and what you can do with buying a new trade show, you may want to invite local experts such as Roger Bergeson and Tim Patterson to come and present their ideas and philosophies to support both. procedure / off-shelf shows alternatives.

After seeing photos of both types of exhibits and actual estimates of construction, transportation, and exhibition costs, you and your team will be in a better position to decide which method to take to maximize your exhibition investment and buy a new exhibition that best suits your exhibition needs, objectives, and budget.