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1. The first step towards a successful event is making your trade show display attractive by using bright and lively colors. You can start by deciding on a theme and using screens, banners, and performers. Try to think out of the box and engage your visitors with attractive, bold displays and high-resolution images.

2. Sociable booth staff members who appear to be a part of the theme followed by the exhibition stand are absolutely essential. These people should be well-informed about the products and services and be trained in public dealing.

3. Enhance the effect created by your booth with stimulating addresses by interesting speakers to captivate the visitors who were drawn in by the initial pitch. Celebrity speakers and special guests can give a boost to your stall.

4. To make your visitors comfortable, organize seating for your presentation or demonstration, particularly if it is a long one. Complimentary refreshments can attract other visitors who were not initially pulled in by your displays.

5. Special offers, competitions, and music can be used effectively to make your company’s stall unique. Perhaps providing an outlet for the visitors’ competitive spirit by offering interesting games at your stand will attract more visitors and also give them a reason to linger on and get familiarised with your brand.

6. You can add an interactive factor to your booth such as multimedia to create a lively atmosphere, which will retain the current visitors and attract new ones.

7. Adding technologically advanced products such as tablet computers can make your exhibition stall very attractive. People will enjoy picking them up and exploring applications, literature, and games related to your products and services. This can make a remarkable difference to their perception of your company. Supplementing your product samples and demonstrations with high-tech devices adds substance, as well as style to your brand’s booth.

8. The most significant aspect of tradeshow participation is standing out among the competitors to create a long-lasting impression on your visitors, which they will take home with them. The best way to do this is by giving them special giveaways. Be prepared with your promotional literature and goody bags filled with freebies that will be the final straw for the impressive display that the visitor has just seen.

While following all the excellent ideas provided in this list, be careful to maintain a balance between informing and entertaining simultaneously. Creativity and originality should be your guiding principle for every tactic you employ during the event. A unique experience that the audiences were not anticipating is what they will find difficult to forget. However, remember if all the visitors do is play games and snacks, leaving without any more knowledge about your product than they arrived with, your efforts will all be wasted. If in doubt though, always consult with a professional exhibition stand builder.

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