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Exhibits are an integral part of any trade fair. In fact, if anything can attract the attention of a wandering crowd and bring them inside your booth, it is the appropriateness of the exhibition exhibits. You should know that there are different types. So let’s start with:

• Table exhibits – They are small and handy, yet very effective. They generally consist of a collapsible metal frame with attached graphics panels. Setting them up is very easy.

• Table Covers – If you use tables, you can also have custom printed covers to draw potential customers’ attention to your product.

• Pipe and Hanger – Consists of a base plate that supports vertical metal posts with cross beams attached to them. The display fabric is either strung or tied to these cross beams.

• Pop-Up Exhibits – Consists of sprung rollers on which flexible graphic panels are attached. For display, just pull out the graphic and secure it to the support post lying on the back of the cylinder.

• Banner Stand – This is a standing frame on which the graphic is fixed.

• System of panels and frames – These are actually aluminium profiles assembled in different designs; you can use them to handle all kinds of trade show requirements. They are quite complicated and need immediate work to set up or dismantle.

Modular exhibits and custom exhibits are also available. The former is actually a cross between a pop-up display and a panel and frame system. To fully understand the situation, you should know that any modular thing is generally constructed with standardized units or dimensions; but despite the limitations, it offers a fair amount of flexibility and variety. Also, the modular exhibit provides huge possibilities despite all types of limitations.

A custom exhibit, on the other hand, faces no such limitation, but like anything custom-made, such a unit is made from a variety of materials to suit the needs of a particular customer. These exhibits often include hard wall panels that create a separate space for individual exhibits or activities. Although some trade show booth rental services offer them for rent, larger companies generally prefer to own their own pieces.

It is always cheaper to own your exhibition exhibits, especially for those who participate in such exhibitions regularly. However, it also has a few advantages. First, you need to have enough storage space to store these pieces. Transportation is also an issue, especially in the case of custom or modular exhibits. For the transport of these items, it is necessary to ensure that the pads are packed and use the display of crates, skids and carts.

However, for those who attend fairs occasionally, both storage and transportation can be quite annoying. For them, renting is always a better alternative. In fact, every type of exhibit of every quality is available for rent today, so it’s important to consider your options carefully before making any outright purchases. Once you buy something, it becomes your responsibility. If you rent it, it is the renter’s responsibility to transport it to and from the fairgrounds.

In addition, setting up and dismantling the stand is often part of the package, and this can certainly be a big relief for the exhibitor. In fact, most exhibit rentals prefer turnkey work. Since they have the required expertise as well as the required manpower trained in the art of setting up and dismantling cabins, they can do the job much better and at a lower cost.

However, it is always wiser to have a basic idea of ​​the different configuration styles as well as the different types of exhibition exhibits available today. We have already talked about the latter. Now let’s talk about the different types of configurations. Linear or In-Line cabins are the simplest of all. Exhibits are placed in a row on either side or at the back. They are suitable for smaller booths.

For larger stands, we have Peninsular, Split Island and Island displays. Where the exhibits are arranged in a U shape using three sides of the stand, the arrangement is called a Peninsular Configuration or even Peninsular Exhibits. When two Peninsular Booths share a common back wall with another Peninsular Booth, it is called a Split Island Booth. On the other hand, if the stall is exposed to the aisles on all four sides, it is called an island stall. Whatever configuration you choose, you must not overcrowd your stand. On the contrary, you need to leave any space for your customers to move around comfortably; otherwise, they won’t stop to listen to sales pitches.

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