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India International Trade Fair is a major integrated trade show with both B2B and B2C components. It is one of the largest trade fairs in the world both in terms of exhibitors and guest participation and has transformed its unique character into an internationally acclaimed international event. It provides a good trading platform and industry for acquisition, customer acquisition, business interaction, technology transfer opportunities, test marketing, and market access.

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IITF India International Trade Fair Delhi is an international consumer goods exhibition. Due to its wide range of venues, the venue is a must-have for audiences and is popular with viewers. Here, visitors will find information on the latest products and trends in various industries.

Visitor Profile:

1. Visitors to Overseas Business
2. Retailers / Manufacturers
3. Supplier Retailers and Retailers
4. Beginners and Entrepreneurs
5. Buy Experts and Supervisors
6. Foreign and Industrial Organizations in India
7. Diplomatic and Trade Representatives for Foreign Equipment


1. Importers & Distributors
2. Policymakers and Media
3. The general public etc.


1. Sales sites within Pragati Maidan
2. Protocol Lounge & Press Center
3. Conference/seminar facilities.
4. Fire Station, Ambulance and Treatment Centers
5. The exhibition site facilitates a “Divyang” visit
6. Food Courts etc.
7. ATMs

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