Interior Today is an exhibition stand designer and constructor, a company that creates incredibly eye-catching trade show stands and stalls. You can employ Interior Today as an exhibitor to make your stand and booth look excellent. You may be wondering how to engage an exhibition stand builder and designer. how much will they charge? Which of the stand builders I choose will be the best? So there are many questions; let’s look at the article to find answers to all of your concerns as an exhibitor.


Are you going to exhibit at GAS India Exhibition 2024 and wondering how to choose the best exhibition stand designer and builder for your trade show participation? We have put all of the pertinent information in an article for your convenience.

Bespoke And Kiosk Design At GAS India Exhibition 2024 Greater Noida, Delhi – Interior Today

Gas India Expo (GIE) is a platform for showcasing the most innovative technologies, products, and services from the global gas and allied industries, as well as a chance for the gas community to connect, partner, develop businesses, network, meet key buyers and sellers, share knowledge, and define the future of the gas industry all in one place. GIE’s goal is to give exhibitors a high-quality international business platform where they may expand their businesses, share technology, display new goods, and seek collaboration partners.

Focus Sectors At GAS India Expo 2024 Delhi-NCR – Interior Today

  • Natural gases include methane, ethane, butane, propane, compressed natural gas (CNG), and LNG.
  • Biogas consists of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2).
  • Water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane, ozone, nitrous oxide, and chlorofluorocarbons are examples of greenhouse gases.
  • Nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, argon, hydrogen, acetylene, helium, LPG, PNG, chlorine are all industrial gases.

Who should exhibitor/visitors come? Interior Today

Sectors of exhibitor and visitor profile:

  • Gases used in industry
  • Gases derived from nature
  • Steam from water
  • Gases used in cryogenics
  • Producers of natural gas
  • Appliances that run on petrol
  • Technology based on gas
  • Shipbuilding for the transportation of natural gas
  • Metres for gas
  • Gas storing
  • Transportation by petrol
  • Compressors for natural gas
  • Turbines de gas
  • Detection of gas
  • Gas analyzers Gas cutting tools
  • Production and processing of natural gas
  • Technology for extracting natural gas
  • Gas handling apparatus
  • Utilisation of gases
  • Materials and gas pipelines
  • Gas testing and measuring
  • Gas transfer packaging materials
  • Ground technology and gas field technology
  • Auxiliary gas equipment and materials
  • CNG and LNG filling station equipment
  • Industrial gas equipment, systems, and technologies
  • The most advanced energy-saving gases and equipment
  • Heat exchange equipment for cryogenic temperatures
  • LNG ship and NGV
  • Technology for CNG stations
  • CNG station builders
  • LNG engineering on a small scale Instrumentation and automation
  • Terminals for responding
  • Manufacturing of pipelines
  • Valves for control and safety
  • Insulation and coating
  • Membrane engineering
  • Digitization, information technology, and innovation
  • Equipment for safety
  • Cylinder testing apparatus
  • Medical gas apparatus
  • Cryogenic liquid pumps
  • Global utility firms
  • Engineers and designers
  • Service providers and distributors
  • Governmental organisations
  • The media and trade associations

Why choose Interior Today as Exhibition Stand Contractor in Delhi-NCR, India? Trade Fair

Designers at Interior Today design exclusive exhibition stands that are further built under the industry rules, regulations, and standard technology. Our exhibition experts and dedicated project manager ensure to offer end-to-end exhibition-related solutions to the clients round the clock.

Other than that, show stand & graphic designers research and invest their creative mind to come up with the client’s bespoke exhibition stand. In order to come up with innovative stand design ideas and deliver business-oriented, our team does critical research in the client’s industry type to understand the respective business. Being the prominent exhibition booth builder company Delhi-NCR, India, Interior Today make sure to execute flawless exhibition stands. Also, we offer custom exhibition booth builder Delhi-NCR, India including exclusive two storey stands and elite country pavilion stands.

Our work is a source of pride and delight for us. It recognizes, encourages, and inspires us to be bold, believe in our ideas, and always remain true to our client’s brand and values. Interior Today has created exhibition booths in Germany, Dubai, France, Poland, the Netherlands, the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, and Spain.

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Date: 04 – 06 July 2024
Venue: India Expo Mart, Greater Noida, Delhi NCR, India

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