Interior Today is an exhibition stand designer and constructor, a company that creates incredibly eye-catching trade show stands and stalls. You can employ Interior Today as an exhibitor to make your stand and booth look excellent. You may be wondering how to engage an exhibition stand builder and designer. how much will they charge? Which of the stand builders I choose will be the best? So there are many questions; let’s look at the article to find answers to all of your concerns as an exhibitor.


Are you going to exhibit at Automation Expo 2024 Exhibition Mumbai, India and wondering how to choose the best exhibition stand designer and builder for your trade show participation? We have put all of the pertinent information in an article for your convenience.

Automation Expo 2024 Mumbai Exhibition Stand Builders & Contractors || Interior Today

At Automation 2023, Interior Today will provide solutions for designing and building show booths. Automation expos are gatherings that highlight the most recent advances in automation technology, machinery, and industrial processes. These shows frequently draw industry professionals, manufacturers, suppliers, and enthusiasts interested in learning about the latest automation advances.

Why should you exhibit at Automation Expo 2024? Interior Today

A wide range of exhibits exhibiting industrial robots, automated machinery, control systems, sensors, artificial intelligence applications, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and other automation-related products and services can be found at an automation expo. These expos frequently serve as a venue for enterprises to showcase their latest products, have business meetings, network with colleagues in the industry, and receive insights into upcoming trends.

  • Automation Expo has close contact with local markets, solid industrial know-how, and good relationships with trade media.
  • 50,000+ attendees, 20,000+ items, and 1100 exhibitors all congregate in one location.
  • An International Platform for Showcasing Technological Advancements
  • The largest automation and instrumentation exhibition in Southeast Asia in 16 years
  • Buyer-seller marketplace, knowledge base, and networking venue
  • Excellent visitor characteristics, with a high proportion of visitors (users) from the industrial industry.

Highlights At Automation 2024 Expo Mumbai – Interior Today

As a exhibitors what will you see at Automation Expo 2024 Mumbai, and at Automation Expo, you can also expect the following:

  1. Exhibits featuring the most recent breakthroughs in robotic technology, including as robotic arms, collaborative robots (cobots), and autonomous robots built for industrial applications.
  2. Automated Machinery: Exhibits of advanced machinery and technology that automate manufacturing and industrial processes. Assembly line systems, packing equipment, CNC machines, and other items may be included.
  3. Control Systems: Control system demonstrations that provide accurate management and coordination of automated activities. PLCs, human-machine interfaces (HMIs), and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems are examples of these.
  4. Sensors: Exhibits showcasing a wide range of sensors used in automation, such as proximity sensors, motion sensors, vision systems, and other sensing technologies that allow machines to acquire data and respond appropriately.
  5. AI Applications: Demonstrating AI-powered automation solutions such as machine learning techniques, computer vision systems, natural language processing (NLP) tools, and intelligent automation software.
  6. Internet of Things (IoT) Devices: Displays of linked devices and IoT-enabled systems that allow for greater monitoring, control, and optimisation of industrial processes by facilitating communication and data exchange between machines.
  7. Networking and Business Meetings: Networking activities, business meetings, and prospective collaborations for industry professionals, manufacturers, suppliers, and customers.
  8. Presentations, workshops, and conferences featuring industry professionals who share insights into emerging trends, best practises, and the future of automation. Smart manufacturing, digital transformation, robotics integration, and other subjects may be covered in these seminars.
Why choose Interior Today as Exhibition Stand Contractor in Bombay Exhibition Centre (BEC), Mumbai, India, India? Trade Fair

Designers at Interior Today design exclusive exhibition stands that are further built under the industry rules, regulations, and standard technology. Our exhibition experts and dedicated project manager ensure to offer end-to-end exhibition-related solutions to the clients round the clock.

Other than that, show stand & graphic designers research and invest their creative mind to come up with the client’s bespoke exhibition stand. In order to come up with innovative stand design ideas and deliver business-oriented, our team does critical research in the client’s industry type to understand the respective business. Being the prominent exhibition booth builder company Mumbai (BIEC), India, Interior Today make sure to execute flawless exhibition stands. Also, we offer custom exhibition booth builder Mumbai (BIEC), India including exclusive two storey stands and elite country pavilion stands.

Our work is a source of pride and delight for us. It recognizes, encourages, and inspires us to be bold, believe in our ideas, and always remain true to our client’s brand and values. Interior Today has created exhibition booths in Germany, Dubai, France, Poland, the Netherlands, the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, and Spain.

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Date: 21 – 24 August 2024

Venue: Bombay Exhibition Centre (BEC), Mumbai, India

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