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Planning an exhibition can be hard work, but if you know what you’re doing, your exhibition can be a great success! Today I am going to give you some tips for your exhibition to do well.

1. Don’t copy other exhibition styles. Be innovative. If your exhibition is just runoff the mill, nobody will really want to experience it. Try new ideas, and people will be interested.

2. When advertising your exhibition, don’t send bulk mail. Send personalized letters (addressed to the person), as it increases the chance that the reader will actually pay attention to your advertisement.


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3. Staff wise, you want 1 staffer per 40 square feet of available space. Example: 15 x 20ft exhibition and your exhibits take up 100 square feet, you’d want about 5 staffers, so they can cover the available space nicely to serve your customers.

4. Have realistic goals. Don’t expect your exhibition to be the busiest one in the history of exhibitions. If you set a realistic goal and work towards that, it will come true.

5. Have food/drink for attendees. Most likely, it will keep your potential customers there longer, and increase the chance of a good lead. Also, you can get good hors d’oeuvres at cheap prices compared to how much it will help your exhibition.

Apart from these 5 tips Treat your customers like royalty, and no doubt they’ll want to deal with you again. And, in the end, that’s what it comes down to whether or not your customers will want to deal with you.

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