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Businesses that participate in trade shows, exhibitions, and events invest in terms of time, effort, and money to promote their products and services within their exhibition stand. A great amount of planning goes into setting up trade show booths and trade show displays that can include unique giveaways and creative presentations. Special promotional activities are carried out to attract people to the exhibits in general and the exhibition stands in particular, to get new leads. However, real benefits can only be gained by following up on the leads immediately after the event has concluded.

To start, create a plan for following up on the leads as part of the whole planning for participating in the exhibition. This will streamline the information your stall staff will collect from potential clients, and reflect in the handouts and questionnaires. You will also be better prepared for the interactions with visitors during and after the exhibition or trade show has finished.

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One very important part of planning the follow-up on leads is designating the individual or individuals who will perform this task. Once this decision has been made, these people will automatically collect all forms and contact information gathered at the exhibition booth and start following up on the leads as early as the next work day.

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While planning your exhibition stand, schedule a date immediately after the event, to focus on following up on the leads. If you don’t plan this part, you might get distracted by other business commitments. Any delays will result in the leads cooling down and possibly forgetting you. Other trade show participants that are also your competitors might contact these probable clients first and take their connection to the next level.

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As part of the planning process, decide what constitutes a lead. Would it be a specific budget available to the company, a commitment to buy a product or service, or a general interest in your organization? When you determine the criteria suitably, you will know what questions to ask to identify genuine leads. Your follow-up activities will be easier because you will only be spending time and effort on leads that have a greater possibility of turning into future clients.

Follow up procedure – Interior Today

You also have to determine what the follow-up process entails. Would it be sending postcards, personal letters, emails, or company brochures? Or something more personal, like a phone call? Another possibility could be defining a few options according to the level or type of lead. All forms of written responses should include your name, your contact information, and your company’s logo. Prepare one standard follow-up letter referencing the meeting at the trade show, and add a few sentences from the conversation with each potential client. All these elements can contribute to transforming the preliminary meeting at the trade show into a profitable business contract. A well-planned follow-up for leads acquired at an exhibition or event will go a long way in maximizing the benefits to be gained from trade show displays.

For further advice on exhibition tips, always consult with a professional exhibition stand company or exhibition stand contractor that has a solid background in trade show booths and displays. Find out more or Contact us today at

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